Tomas and Antonieta Esquivel founded La Flor de Mexico back in 1959


La Flor de Mexico, Inc. is the premier supplier of certified organic and better-for-you tortillas to national retailers and foodservice providers. With over 50 years of bakery experience refining our products' tastes and attributes, we produce tortillas and flat-breads that have an artisan flair and visibly distinct-look on the retail shelf. The success of our business is due in great part to the founders who left us a legacy that we continue to cultivate with honesty and integrity. Very simply expressed, " Muy bienvenidos, en que les puedo servir?" meaning "Welcome, how can we be of service?", has been an influential tool in meeting our customers' needs. Our clients are loyal because of customer service is our number one priority. Without hesitation, our buyers approach us first on new products. Only La Flor de Mexico can offer you:

  • Truly handmade products that provide superior tastes with clear discernable appearance consumers instantly recognize.
  • Products offer unique, "fluffy", bread-like textures due to our proprietary manufacturing process.
  • A unique process that enables us to run small and large volume batches with various dough profiles.
  • We have a proven track-record of delivering truly organic products that enable our customers to maximize their profitability.